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You want to fix this, but be patient

If we begin work immediately our dog has been traumatised, we will just make the problem worse. (Hard to believe that we could make it worse, when it seems terrible already, but we can really cement it in).

The dog's stress levels are through the roof and they don't feel safe 'out there'. It's entirely likely you feel the same way (and with good reason). This is why you DON'T START trying to fix the dog's issues.

YOU BOTH have issues. You both need to 'come down', build your sense of safety and develop techniques and strategies to help you work through this.

A common method of retraining I am seeing people suggest on FB groups is 'sit the dog and make it watch you'. Oh my. The dog probably won't be able to do it anyway, and you'll end up in an emotional and physical wrestling match (which will likely make the problem worse again), but it's just a really, really bad idea to ask that of a traumatised animal.

I'll explain why in another post.


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