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What to expect.

I don't have a magic wand. Nobody does. You and your dog are living, breathing, feeling creatures.  Behaviour change will take time and effort. 

It would be ridiculous for me to guarantee anything other than the possibility for change.  That always exists if we are willing and able to make some adjustments. 

What I CAN do is:

*Empathise with how difficult this is for you and your dog.

*See things that you will be missing. 

*Help you understand what might be going on.

*Consider your specific situation, not some imaginary perfect one!

*Make practical suggestions to help you and your dog immediately, and  

 over the longer term.

*Provide follow up support.

Session details.

These can be face to face, on the phone or by Zoom.

Ideally I will come to your home and see your living situation. This helps me identify what you may not be seeing.

  • Consultation - usually 1 to 2 hours.

  • You may take notes or record the consultation.

  • Or I take notes, expand on them and send you detailed suggestions. (Additional cost for these).

  • For the following month, I answer your follow up questions. 

  • Cost: First consultation - $120 plus travel costs of 65c/km. 

  • Subsequent session - $100 plus travel costs.

  • Follow up notes are an additional $100.


People often just want one consultation. I understand this makes it more affordable. However, continued struggle has an emotional cost; distress, frustration, anxiety. 

Please stay open to the possibility of booking additional appointments  to help  you feel supported, tweak what you're doing and keep you on the right path.  

Stressed puppy

Who is this for?

Owners who are doing their best to be loving and responsible.

 * You want to help your dog. 

* You want to be able to enjoy your dog's company.

*You are willing to make some changes to improve everyone's quality of life.

*Dogs who are bored and frustrated. They're hyperactive, perhaps destructive and noisy.

*Dogs and puppies who are timid, sensitive, anxious and need to build their confidence.

(Addressing trauma is my area of special interest.)

*Puppies - preventative medicine. Understanding your puppy as a baby, an individual and a member of its breed.

Socialisation (it might not be what you think it is). 

Get them off to a great start!

Best Friends


No pressure or obligation. :)

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