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Resolving problems

Earlier this week, my FB profile was hacked. FB acted very quickly to disable both my personal profile and training page. This no doubt limited any damage the hacker could do, so it was good news.

Except FB then made it completely impossible for me to contact them to explain the situation and attempt to get my pages reinstated. I went round and round in circles clicking on links which gave me no option for action, or allowed me to 'give feedback' with no promise of a response.

It was frustrating and very enlightening!

I realised that as individual users of FB, we are not important. FB is in the business of providing a platform, not fixing problems with it. There's a help centre, but if you cannot fix your own problems using the prompts, you're on your own.

Why am I telling you this?

I don't want to be like FB and I don't want you to be like that either.

Resolving problems is a HUGE part of building trusting relationships. Paying attention to feedback, taking responsibility for your part in the problem and working together through possibilities to resolve it, are important features of being decent human beings.

Celebrate your humanity. Let it set you apart from the faceless giants online.

Peace out ;).


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