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Is dog training a chore for you?

It doesn't have to be.

If you and your dog could use more fun in training and in life; it is possible!


1. Play training games and games just for fun. Think of them as light hearted and playful, not just another activity where you give your dog rewards in a dull (or falsely enthusiastic way.) Fake it til you make it is better than dull as dirt, but try actually relaxing instead. Breathe. Relax your tense muscles. Let yourself and your dog off the hooks of ‘must’ and ‘should’. Enjoy the process. They will notice and respond.

Repeatedly throwing a ball for your dog while watching your phone doesn't tick the box. Sorry, not sorry :).

2. Recognise when you are putting yourself and your dog under pressure. Pressure can mess with what we do and how we do it. Perhaps you need to revisit your goals and/ or your training steps. Perhaps you need some help.

3. If possible, find a group of like minded people. Share companionship, training ideas, laughs and support each other through struggles. Doing everything alone is old news. We can all benefit from being in a team.


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