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Early learning

I’ve been reading about the development of the human brain.

Early nurturing and interaction with the baby is really important. Caregiving which recognises the baby’s needs makes a BIG difference. Even when the baby is tiny, the demanding caregiver who constantly wants the baby’s attention or the neglectful caregiver who doesn’t respond to the baby much at all, affect the way the brain develops.

Future sociability; confidence; anxiety – are ALL affected by parenting.


Puppy’s brains are also affected by early learning. Their genetics, the environment INSIDE the mother (chemicals formed within the system of an overstressed mother affect the brain’s development), the way the dam cares for her puppy, as well as how the humans and other animals involved behave, all have an impact.

This all happens BEFORE you get your puppy.

Just be aware that a dam who is comfortable in a shed, and able to come and go, might be rearing more stable puppies than one who is comfortable in a laundry, but has to stay with her puppies all the time. She probably won’t want to leave them much in the beginning, but later on she sure will!

The dam MUST be able to move away and get breaks if she wants them. If she can't, she'll likely get stressed and may become aggressive towards her pups. This is not good for her or her babies' long term development.

If you buy one of these pups, you may be buying a behaviour problem.


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