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Don’t keep making learning harder…

I train in short sessions. Sometimes I want to achieve something and it’s REALLY DIFFICULT for me to stop, or to do something easy for my dog, rather than push on with the new skill…BUT learning is hard work and often when you think the dog has got it, they really haven’t.

They might be starting to do what you ask more often, but they still don’t have a full understanding. This means they are probably having to concentrate intensely, and may feel confusion and frustration. If it’s a physical skill, they may get physically tired too.

Remember sometimes what’s making the lesson harder is OUR skill level. We want to push on so WE can get better at something, but the dog is on the other end of our mistakes, trying to work out what we mean.

Even if you use no corrections and lots of rewards, constantly making a task more difficult is hard on your learner. Mix it up. Do some easy stuff. Give them breaks. As I often say…

Quit with the dog wanting more, not wishing it was over.


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