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"Disobedience happens when the dog is undertrained or undermotivated to comply." Anon

Undertraining is your responsibility, but not your fault.

Until now, you haven't known how much work is required to build layer after layer of skill to thoroughly train your dog.

Until now, you thought that basic training was the same as full understanding/ fluency. You thought that kindergarten level knowledge was the same as University level knowledge. Now you know that's not true.

Undermotivation is a physical and/ or emotional state. All generally healthy people and animals are capable of being motivated by something, sometimes. (Note that extreme unwellness and distress can change this.)

If someone asks you to do something else when you are anxious, exhausted, hungry, shy, concentrating deeply, wildly excited may not even HEAR what they ask, let alone be able to instantly switch on to doing it and doing it well.

Your dog is the same. Take some time to try to understand what might be going on for them.


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