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Beware of certainty

In my life, I have made many mistakes because I thought I understood a situation.

I see this time and time again in dog training.

When you are certain that your training is clear, that the dog 'knows' and the dog 'can do it' , it's easy to go to 'they're just being stubborn'.

Certainty closes our minds. It's comfortable, but it shuts down our curiosity and stops us asking questions.

It messes with problem solving because we outsource the problem.

It's with the dog, not us.

What if - your training wasn't clear?

What if - your dog doesn't really know?

What if - your dog can't do it under these circumstances?

What if - your dog isn't being stubborn?

What if - you get curious and investigate what might be going on?

What if - you do some problem solving?

Your dog will thank you for it. (Actually they won't, but they will be relieved and your relationship and training skills will benefit!)


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