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Dogs are not computers.
You cannot erase their memories and reset them

you can always do something
to improve your life and theirs.

Are you ready to begin?


You love your dog and want to live your best life together.
You just need some guidance and support. 

You're ready and willing to make some changes.

I can help you prioritise your efforts by:

* Identifying what to STOP doing because it either isn't helping or is making matters worse.

* Teaching you what to START doing that will be of the most help in the short and longer term. 

My special interests are:

Having a Long Term Vision of a great companion.
* Before you buy/ adopt: I can support you to choose a dog/ puppy that is likely to become a great companion within your lifestyle.
*After you buy/ adopt: I can suggest small daily actions  to take you and your dog towards your goal of developing a great companion. 
Dogs with BIG feelings (e.g. reactive/ traumatised/ hyperactive)
*I get it. I've lived with this myself.  It means BIG feelings for you too. 
I will support YOU, so that together we can support your dog.
man petting his dog
~ Client name with dog's name
Available face to face in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty. (I also visit Gisborne every few months.)
Online training and behaviour support also available if you live further afield.


PREVENTION - The Underused Tool

You can be a warm, loving dog owner and also set boundaries for your dog.
Boundaries help you and your dog.
They prevent many training and behaviour problems even starting.
They give you breathing space from a problem that's already begun.
They keep dogs, other animals, and people, safe. 
Check out my ideas, including the licence protocols. 

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