Puppy diary


25 March, 7 weeks old


Yesterday, March 23rd 2015, I bought a new puppy. I have been looking for a dog similar in looks, temperament and colour to my older one and have not been able to find it. That’s the problem when you adore something as much as I love that dog. Nothing else measures up. I’ve turned down a couple of beautiful pups along the way and not been one of the lucky ones getting a pup from some other super litters, so here we are with a new baby bought from a small block in the country.

I rang a friend this morning and she reassured me that it’s normal to wonder what on earth you have done, when you find yourself once again faced with looking after a tiny tot.

The pup is 6 and 1/2 weeks old and I chose her because she was bold in a new situation, sociable and keen to interact. She was also a tricolour with lots of white and should have some length of coat. I met and patted the parents but really didn’t get the opportunity to assess their conformation in the way I like to – with a relaxed side on stance. I hope the pup will be reasonably well put together because that’s important to me.

She’s bold outdoors but scared in the house. She starts trembling as soon as I pick her up to bring her in. Outside where she is confident she romps about and chews on everything including me, dirt and stones. She has a fine set of lungs and yelled for the first 40 minutes of our car journey home. She has continued to let me know when she is frustrated.

Because our other dog needs to learn to adjust,  for the sake of safety and harmony, the pup is crated in the house. She cries when she needs to go to the toilet which is a good thing!

I will try and keep this puppy training diary reasonably well updated, so that you can follow our journey.

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