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I am learning about Puppy Culture with the goal of specialising in supporting breeders, fosterers and new owners who want to do the best job they can to rear stable, resilient puppies. WE MUST start working with puppies early to avoid problems later.

Puppy classes and socialising at daycare or the dog park are simply not enough, and can sometimes cause more problems than they solve.

More info at this FB link.

In the meantime:

If you’re ready to train and understand your dog, look here for heaps of free info.

For support to choose and rear a puppy, contact Wings.

What skills does your pup need?

Enrichment and engagement – keep brains and body active, and teach your pup to pay attention to you.

House manners – sit, down, stay, relax, come when called, wait at doors and for food, keep your feet on the ground, no need to guard that food, play!

Out and about – walk nicely on the leash, come when called, pay attention to me (not every other dog or person), travel nicely, play!

Remember – short term decisions have long term impacts!

  1. Save yourself some drama and contact Wings BEFORE you get a puppy. We will support you to choose the right one for your lifestyle. Read this link if you want information NOW.
  2. You have a puppy and want to start off right. Again drama is avoided by seeking support early. This page is a good place to start.

Here is some quick triage to help you cope with older dog issues: dog behaviour, quick fixes and dog training. 

Because triage isn’t enough, contact either Eureka Dog Services or Kool K9 for support to work on the longer term issues too.


Read this link to help understand what’s going on and get you started with some changes. Please act NOW.

If you think the aggression might become serious, or is serious already, contact Chris and Tash at Eureka Dog Services. I refer all major issues to them. They also offer many other services. Please read the myth of the rehabilitated dog too, so your expectations are realistic.


My classes are coming back soon, but the venue (which will be fabulous!) is a work in progress.

In the meantime please contact Joanne Small of Kool K9.

For Agility training contact Waikato Agility Group in Hamilton.

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